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  • 双牵引机型

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    ●Machine features: According to the market demand, the type has introduced the entire set of automation solutions that put the cup making machine, automatic blister machine to online simultaneous crushing → transport → storage of the mesh edge material of after cutting, there is no pollution, environmental protection, labor saving, cost saving at its working, and changed the traditional productivity.


    ●Application: Suitable for the manufacture of environmentally friendly milk cups, drinking cups, bowls, lunch boxes, electronic trays, packaging products, etc. and use together with molding machines.


    机型 TypeDB~650DB~850DB~1000DB~1250
    粉碎电机Cushing motor(kw)7.57.5/1111/1511/15
    转速Rotating speed(r.p.m)600~900600~900600~900600~900
    送料电机Feeding motor (kw)44/55.5/7.55.5/7.5
    转速Rotating speed(r.p.m)2800280028002800
    牵引电机Traction motor(kw)0.751.51.51.5
    转速Rotating speed(r.p.m)10~10010~10010~10010~100
    粉碎室尺寸Dimension of crushing room(mm)650X350850X3501000X3501250X350
    固定刀排数Tiers of fixed cutters(Pcs)3333
    回转刀排数Tiers of rotary cutters(Pcs)4444
    刀具材质Cutter materialDc53Dc53Dc53Dc53
    筛网孔径Mesh size(mm)8/10/128/10/128/10/128/10/12
    粉碎时噪音Crushing noise(db)80~10080~10080~10080~100
    粉碎能力Crushing capacity(kg/h)200~300300~400400~600400~800
    长x宽x高Length x width x height(mm)1400X1250X24001400X1450X24001400X1650X24001400X1850X2400
    设备重量Device weight(kg)1800200026003600
    备注: 1.以上机型均为七排刀设计(旋转一圈剪切12次,比普通五排刀剪切高一倍),粉碎室与轴承盖均通水恒温
    Note: 1. The above types are seven~row knife design (rotating a circle to cut 12 times, twice higher than the average five rows knife),
    crushing room and bearing cap are water and constant temperature
    2. Each type is equipped with a storage type separator and stainless steel pipe
    3. The noise at the time of pulverization is different for the different crushing materials and different motor power configurations
    4. The above type tool material is exported from Japan DC53

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