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  • 微电脑高速切片机

    本机型配合 PVC压延机、PET片材机等挤出生产线,同步定长裁切的设备。采用进口伺服电机定长,PLC控制,矢量变频,电子刹车,触摸界面操作,多段储料设计,在运行时稳定,高速。
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    本机型配合 PVC压延机、PET片材机等挤出生产线,同步定长裁切的设备。采用进口伺服电机定长,PLC控制,矢量变频,电子刹车,触摸界面操作,多段储料设计,在运行时稳定,高速。
    ●Machine features: This type is a synchronous fixed length cutting equipment, which can be used with PVC calender, PET sheet machine, etc. extrusion production lines. It is equipped with imported servo motor of fixed length, PLCcontrol,vectorfrequencyconversion, electronic brake, touch~screen interface, multi~phase material storage design to ensure efficiency and stability over the operation.


    ●Application: Good for the high speed fix~length cutting of PVC, PET, PP plastic sheet

    机型 TypeDB~1150DB~1450DB~1650
    裁切电机功率Cutting motor capacity(kw)
    定长电机功率Fixed~length motor power(kw)
    有效裁切宽度Effective cutting width(mm)95012501450
    切片精度Cutting accuracy(mm)±0.1±0.1±0.1
    切片厚度Cutting thickness(mm)0.1~10.1~10.1~1
    切片速度(次/分)Cutting rate (times/min)120120120
    刀具材质Cutter materialDC53DC53DC53
    长x宽x高Length x width x height(mm)3000x1560x15503000x1560x15503000x1560x1550
    设备重量Device weight(kg)100012001500
    Note: 1. The above fixed length motors are imported, servo precision stability
    2. The cutting power is operated with the vector frequency conversion control and electronic brake to save power and boost efficiency.
    3. All cutting blades are made of imported material of great durability without any burrs

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