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  • 亚克力无糠横切机

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    ●Machine features: This machine is designed and developed by our company independently, and gained multiple patents. The machine is equipped with imported servo motor, PLC control of fixed length and touch~screen operation. The main parts have been specially processed for accurate and stable operation to cut acrylic material, and this machine will first make a blade scratch, then snap the material by a mechanical arm. The process prevents the appearing of chips in the traditional cutting process to enhance quality and reduce material waste.


    ●Application: It is applicable for fix~length cutting of 0.6~4mm thick PMMA/GPPS plastic extrusion sheet

    机型 TypeDB~1000DB~1450
    划切电机功率Cross~cutting motor power(kw)2.22.2
    定长电机功率Fixed~length motor power(kw)1.81.8
    有效划切宽度Effective cross~cutting width (mm)2024
    划切厚度Cutting thickness (mm)420/520420/520
    划切精度Cutting precision(mm)9001350
    划切速度(次/分)Cutting rate (times/min)0.05~1.20.05~1.2
    刀具材质Cutter material±0.1±0.1
    长x宽x高Length x width x height(mm)120120
    设备重量Device weight(kg)7000x1580x16807000x1580x1680
    备注: 1.以上所配动力电机均为伺服电机,省电,精准稳定
    Note: 1. Motors for the equipment above are all servo to save power and maintain stability.
    2. All servo motors are equipped with planetary reducer to improve torque and accuracy
    3. The scratching device is equipped with linear guide imported from Taiwan

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