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  • 静音边料粉碎回收机DB~750

  • 产品详情


    ●Machine features: It is suitable for the casting film machine, calendar, sheet extruder line, automatic block machine to extrude a variety of soft and hard edge material in the production process cutting and take recovery and crushing, then transfer to the cyclone separator through a wind turbine, and then escorted by the feed screw into the extruder screw feed port and automatic mixing with the new material to achieve the result of automatic recovery.


    ●Application: More suitable for the thickness of 0.02~5mm various of soft and hard edge material, (the material of PVC, PET, PE, PP, PS, GPPS, PMMA, etc. Sheet, plate, film side material)


    机型 TypeDB~250DB~300DB~350DB~400DB~500DB~600DB~750
    粉碎电机Cushing motor(kw)44/
    转速Rotating speed(r.p.m)600~ 900600~ 900600~ 900600~ 900600~ 900600~ 900600~ 900
    送料电机Feeding motor (kw)3444445.5
    转速Rotating speed(r.p.m)2800280028002800280028002800
    牵引电机Traction motor(kw)0.750.750.750.750.751.51.5
    转速Rotating speed(r.p.m)10~32010~32010~32010~32010~32010~32010~360
    粉碎室尺寸Dimension of crushing room(mm)250X225300X280350X280400X300500X400600X600750X550
    固定刀排数Tiers of fixed cutters(Pcs)2222444
    回转刀排数Tiers of rotary cutters(Pcs)3333333
    筛网孔径Mesh size(mm)8/10/12/148/10/12/148/10/12/148/10/12/148/10/12/148/10/12/148/10/12/14
    粉碎时噪音Crushing noise(db)80~10080~10080~10080~10080~10080~10080~100
    粉碎能力Crushing capacity(kg/h)50~10080~120100~150120~250150~300180~400300~800
    长x宽x高Length x width x height(mm)1100X1000X14501240X1050X14501240X14501240X1050X16001500X1300X17201300X1760X17501300X1860X2150
    设备重量Device weight(kg)8009009501100150018003500-4000
    备注: 1.DB~500/600/750机型为七排力,粉碎室/轴承盖通水恒温
    Note: 1. DB~500/600/750 types are the seven~row knife, crushing room / bearing cover water temperature
    2. Each type is equipped with cyclone separator and incomparability pipeline
    3. The noise at the time of pulverization is different for the different crushing materials and different
    motor power configurations

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